Bedtime Pleading (draft. 1)

The problem begins every time a child is taught to clasp their hands together when praying, as if begging to a dissatisfied Lord who needs to be wooed or coaxed into potentially answering such an unnecessary request. We come before God as the orphan with the short straw begging for just a little bit more, “if you can please, sir.” I’ve never met that God. In fact, when I pray I have to keep my hands open. There is so much to receive! Sure, God takes things from my hands from tome to time, but it’s always to make room for the next best thing (There are so many new things each and every morning!). So pay me no mind when you see me unclenching fists on the playground.


When I have children we are going to grow a garden of poisonous flowers.  I don’t want to plant anything edible, but instead, we’ll plant Oleanders and Daffodils —the wildly, lovely things rich in color and delicious in flavors that have never been tasted. We will sit with them in every season just to watch them bloom. We will admire their beauty and learn to love things that could hurt us. And at the end of every day my children will know love lonesome of agenda. 


"I’ve enjoyed traveling on my own too!" Liza said in agreement. We had been exploring Western Europe by ourselves but decided to meet up for coffee in London. I was sipping on the cold brew we had just purchased when I asked what her favorite part of glob-trotting solo had been. She said, "I love discovering things I’ve never thought of before. There are just so many thoughts in my head and I enjoy going to all of the corners of my mind and settling there.”

"Well, I don’t think you should settle there.”

 I had interrupted her, but I thought it was an important thing to do. She looked a bit confused so I clarified,

"Liza, you must not settle for the corners of your mind. Run to those walls. Push them as far as you can."

Her eyes were wide with concurrence so I continued,

"You’re an iceberg. Do not settle for what you can see, no matter how magnificent, because the entirety of who you are could sink a ship.”