Every moment is a poem if you hold it right.

— Lauren Zuniga

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children’s books should just be called books… or scriptures. you know?

children’s books should just be called books… or scriptures. you know?

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We’re all oceans,

parts of us tasted, seen and enjoyed by the ones who know us— even the ones who don’t.

But, quietly in us new and extraordinary things are created every day.

The person before you is a vast and intricate body of creation explorable at any given moment. 

There is so much left to be unknown,

and yet,

we are fully know by our Creator. 

pauper attire

What have we done? The problem is in the posture in which we learn to pray. Teaching a child to pray with their hands clenched together as if needing to beg is injustice at best. What does this say about who God is? What does it say about who we are?

I’ve had enough.

My children will pray with their hands open, ready to surrender, ready to receive.


When I have children we are going to grow a garden of poisonous flowers.  I don’t want to plant anything edible, but instead, we’ll plant Oleanders and Daffodils —the wildly, lovely things rich in color and delicious in flavors that have never been tasted. We will sit with them in every season just to watch them bloom. We will admire their beauty and learn to love things that could hurt us. And at the end of every day my children will know love lonesome of agenda. 

Sharps (A Rant)

Do not settle at the corners of your abounding mind. Run toward those walls and push them as far as they can go. Take what you’ve gathered and chew on it for a while. Let it fill you up and run at those walls again.

You are an iceberg. And no matter how magnificent you appear to be, never settle for what is merely seen when the entirety of who you are could sink a ship.